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Transmission Repair Services

The transmission is one of your vehicle’s most critical and complex parts. It is responsible for taking the engine’s power and transmitting it to the drive axels through the use of different gears. When your transmission begins to slip or fail, it is almost always a cause for concern. Once you have decided that your transmission needs some help, you will need to decide on the three options for repair, rebuild or replacement. Don’t just bring your car into the closest transmission shop, but instead choose the most reputable transmission shop in Concord NC and  Charlotte NC like AJ’s Superior to have your car diagnosed properly. We service automatic, manual, and 4×4’s with our master certified transmission specialist standing by, and we also offer box truck transmission repair and some RV transmission repair. We perform total auto care as well as Concord Transmission repair.

Transmission Repair in Charlotte NC Area

In the case of repairing a transmission, only certain parts of the transmission are repaired at our Transmission Shop in Concord. This is typically the lowest priced option and can be applied if there are only minor issues with the transmission. For example, in the case of a fluid leak some possible repairs include:

– replacing the pan gasket

– replacing the pan

– replacing the seals

– replacing fluid lines

– tightening pan bolts

– repairing or replacing torque converter

In the case of an overheating transmission, the following repairs might be made:

– adding transmission fluid

– replacing transmission fluid

– flushing or replacing cooler lines

– adding a transmission cooler

– replacing the solenoid

Other problems such as a clicking or whining noise, gear slipping, missing forward or reverse, and delayed or erratic shifting may also be due to some similar problems such as a defective solenoid or low fluid levels. However, they might also be due to more serious issues, which brings us to the next option in transmission repair.

Transmission Rebuild Concord NC and Transmission Rebuild Charlotte NC

If the transmission has enough damaged or worn parts, then a complete rebuild might be necessary. In the event of a rebuild, the entire transmission is removed from the car, taken apart and fully inspected. Worn, defective, damaged or failed parts are removed and replaced with fully functional quality parts. The transmission is then reassembled and installed back into your car. Transmission rebuilds require specialists as it is a custom process for each unique vehicle.

Remanufactured or Replaced Transmission

In some cases, the entire transmission must be replaced. Depending on the vehicle, there may not be any brand new transmissions available, so instead, you will be getting a remanufactured or refurbished transmission. In a replacement job, you will be getting a full transmission with all parts replaced and brand new. This is generally done in a factory setting and not at the closest transmission shop.

Factors Affecting Cost At Nearby Transmission Shops

It’s definitely not a secret that repairing a transmission can be expensive. It’s very often one of the costliest repairs that you will need to have done on your vehicle. However, there are five factors that affect the cost of transmission repair:

1. The extent of the damage. Which parts have been damaged and how damaged are they are the main questions. Newer cars that have been well-maintained will usually cost less to repair than a heavily-used older car.

2. Manual or automatic? Manual transmissions almost always cost less to repair than an automatic, which has far more moving parts.

3. Old cars or rare cars. This mostly has to do with how hard parts are to find.

4. Make and model. The make and model of your car matters as well. Domestic, newer and popular cars will usually cost less to repair than imports.

5. Location and repair shop. Sometimes repair costs depend on where you live. Some repair shops also charge more than others.

Choosing Rebuilding Over Replacing At Auto Repair Concord

Most of the time, rebuilding your transmission at a transmission shop Concord NC is the best option. In a sense, you’re still getting a refurbished transmission as the failed parts are replaced with new ones. In many cases, the failed parts are the only parts that need to be replaced and the rest of the transmission is fine. As you might expect, this option tends to cost a lot less than a full replacement. A reputable transmission shop Charlotte NC uses quality parts and modern equipment to get this done. Some of the parts replaced include seals, gaskets, clutch and bands. These tend to be the parts that wear out or fail. Once the transmission has been disassembled, the parts will be fully cleaned, and a new torque converter will be installed as well as new solenoids. The transmission will then be reassembled and reinstalled into your vehicle at our transmission repair Concord NC.

Why Choose A Reputable Concord Mechanic and Transmission Shop?

There’s no doubt that choosing a good transmission shop and Auto repair Concord shop is the best way to ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly. There are some nearby transmission shops out there that claim to rebuild when they are simply patching up the transmission. For example, in one case a transmission was rebuilt and then continued to have overheating problems. Upon taking it to a reputable transmission Charlotte shop, it was found that the reason the transmission was overheating was never addressed in the rebuild. The transmission rebuild Charlotte NC shop was then redone to address the overheating issue so that the customer would no longer have a problem. We also offer a $250 discount for a transmission rebuild, free towing for transmission rebuilds, plus a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty for your peace of mind.

Don’t just go to any Concord Mechanic, but instead choose 5 Star Transmission and Total Auto Care where we use the most trustworthy and reliable brands in the auto parts industry, and our experienced technicians and 4×4 transmission specialist use the latest modern equipment and technology for total auto repair. We will give you a free diagnosis of your transmission problem, and then we will guarantee that any semi truck transmission repair, RV transmission repair or any other repair you choose to do at our shop will be done correctly the first time. We take great pride in the quality of our transmission repair Charlotte NC and transmission rebuild Concord NC, and also in achieving the full satisfaction of every single customer who walks in. Your excellent experience is our biggest priority. We value the trust that our customers place in our services and understand how important it is that your vehicle gets back on the road with quality parts and repairs. At 5 Star Transmission and Total Auto Care, we’re driven to get you back on the road.

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